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Freefall Highscore

Concept & direction
James George

Helen Mair

iOS development
James George, Juan Müller,
Maria Mendez

Web development
Logan Best, Juan Müller

Android development
Michael Zick Doherty, Robert Gay, James George

Production support
The Creators Project

Eyebeam Art+Technology Center

A new media art project re-evaluating the limits of mobile game space, and highlighting the emotional attachments we form to personal devices. Game's aim was to entice people to drop their mobile device from the highest possible drop point possible. The app would record video of the fall and prompt the player to upload to an online leader board ranked the videos by height. As damaging the phone would void the game, a competition was held to design a way to protect the device.

The project started at the Eyebeam ArtHack in 2011, was awarded a development stipend by The Creators' Project (VICE Media) and exhibited as part of their New York Event the same year.

The Creators Project
Yahoo News
Scientific American

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