design – information experience interactive exhibition graphic

Even if you could truly see
would you know

Royal College of Art
MA Information Experience Design


Created with
Darknet Yolo

Reality and objective truth have been debated throughout human history. Since the Enlightenment, Western culture has replaced the Christian based system of truth with social structures based on reason and rationalisation. Big data and computational thinking are the latest paradigms that attempt to provide society with an impartial, objective architecture. These can only converge towards this ambition as no system can avoid being influenced by its subjective human creators.

Reflecting the ceiling of new ‘church’ the algorithmically tagged clouds represents Western societies current ambition to find objectivity within computational thinking and big data. A desire that can never be fulfilled as even if humanity’s subjectivity could create pure objectivity, we would have no way to prove it.

Projection mapped video of clouds are overlayed with machine learning image classification tags. The labelling text of the tags were altered to create the sentence: “Even if you could truly see would you know.”

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