design – information experience interactive exhibition graphic

2015 Calendar & Augmented reality app

The Design Solution

Design & direction
Helen Mair

App development

Helen Mair, Mayuko Fujino,
May Van Millingen, Andy Council,
Zoe More O’Ferrall, Stuart Holmes,
Ian Murray, Cliff Mills, Hannah Davies, Michael Tonn

AR content
Will Gaithwaite, David Magniers, Andreas Pettersson

Julian Love

The calendar showcased monthly illustrations of a cities around the world that airport retail design company, The Design Solution, had worked. The illustrations included references to client airports or lead airline carriers.

Each month’s illustration triggered augmented reality content through a custom built mobile app. January presented a welcome from the company’s Managing Director; February showed an interactive walkthrough of a 3D visualization of an airport retail space; and May was a mini game using company employees as game character.

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